Išvenkite 10 klaidų per vestuves


Angliški perliukai

1. Our love is eternal
2. Love conquers all
3. A perfect fit
4. My heart is in your hands
5. Life has begun
6. I’ve found all I’ve waited for
7. You have my heart
8. Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours
9. Never to part
10. Forever entwined
11. I am the lucky one
12. I choose you
13. Hope is the life of love
14. My life began with you
15. The best is yet to come
16. I’m always with you
17. I knew from the moment I met you
18. I will always love you
19. Let us live as one
20. My dream came true
21. With you I belong
22. You are my home
23. Love is friendship set on fire
24. I was born to be yours
25. You are the love of my life

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